All BASE™ Training offerings: Bodywork and Somatic Education for Trauma Therapists

“Taking the BASE training with Dave Berger is one of the best personal and professional decisions I have made. BASE is an efficient, compassionate, and effective way to resolve trauma on all levels. Bringing in touch in such an attuned, purely intentioned, and informed way gets to the heart of the matter very quickly. Even when it is unwise to use touch with a client, BASE has improved my skill significantly, for example, through tracking of internal anatomy, using intention with awareness of this anatomy, and suggesting client’s use of self touch. I cannot imagine now not working with the trauma response of specific organs. Recognizing the pattern of constriction and flow in different organs with their specific characteristics allows for precision in the renegotiation of the freeze response. I saw significant and immediate progress in my practice as soon as I incorporated the BASE work; reworking trauma got faster. I have also found that BASE interweaves well with other modalities. I love that it addresses attachment trauma in a beautiful, elegant and natural way. Touch and/or the physical attunement that BASE brings in mobilizes attachment patterns for the reworking on a somatic level. Just the process of obtaining consent for touch work can be transformative for the client. The progress I have made in my own healing work through BASE has been both profound and valuable. This is the wave of the future. And last but not least, the person and clinician that Dave Berger is, is beyond outstanding. He is a true master at what he does. I look forward to building on my learning from him for years to come.”

– Tricia Appleton, MD (Psychiatrist)

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