Dave Berger is a physical therapist, bodyworker, and somatic psychotherapist.

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Dave Berger

With over 30 years experience as a physical therapist and somatic psychotherapist, Dave brings a unique perspective to his clients and students. He uses a diverse array of traditional and complementary healing practices to help clients with physical pain and movement problems, trauma histories, back and neck problems, PTSD, and anxiety disorder. Dave is a certified Somatic Experiencing® practitioner, consultant and teacher of the long-term training. He is also a Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner.

Clinical Practice

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Dave maintains a private practice in Walnut Creek, CA where he works with a limited number of clients.

Trainings & Workshops


Dave teaches Somatic Experiencing® trainings, BASE™ workshops, and BASE™ specialty trainings.



Dave is available for individual and group consultations for SE and BASE students, including online offerings.


Dave Berger’s BASE™ training provided me with an array of new tools to “read bodies” and treat clients with complex trauma. His videos, graphics, one-to-one mentoring, clear demos and sense of humor made new learning easy and fun! BASE™ is a MUST for practitioners wanting to increase their skills in hands-on somatic work.
— Maggie Kline, MFT, SEP, Senior International SETI Faculty